MadeWithCodea: JoJoe's Trash Attack - platform game

I would like to show a first snippet of our upcoming iPad app “JoJoe’s Trash Attack”, coded with Codea. And I would like to thank everyone in this forum, in special Ignatz, Dave, Yojimbo, Sky and the ones I forgot to mention. This is our first game to come out and it wouldn’t have been possible without people like you, helping noobs like me, to get an idea of coding. Please share your comments and find more images etc on Instagram #jojoes_trash_attack

This looks awesome, love the artwork and music. Are the art and music done on an iPad too?

Thanks! Yes, the sprites have been done with “Sprite Something” and the music with “Caustic”. Most sounds recorded on the iPad as well. Only for the background images I found it more practical to do them in Photoshop.

Version 3.1 is currently at App-Store approval. If you would like to test it, please send a PM and you will receive an invitation to Test Flight.

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Any comments welcome!