Ludum Dare with Codea and Löve Codify

Hello my loved coders :slight_smile:
I would like to introduce you to the Ludum Dare #23 — April 20th-23rd, 2012 — 10 Year Anniversary! ( ) , I have just sign up and I think this is a great opportunity for Codea to be known and for us also, I would like to have Löve Codify ported and updated to let people play the games we could create those days of intense world competition, but I dont know the current status of the project… me myself created since the beginning some of my games in just one or two days, i think it is totally affordable, so…
Go for it!!

Ludum Dare is fantastic, and I’d urge people to take part. I had a go in Ludum Dare 21, and created a simple platformer called ‘Daring Do!’:

Löve Codify would be interesting, however I’ve found in the past that web-based projects tend to get more votes just because they’re easier for anybody to run (i.e. you don’t need to download and install anything, or be on a PC, etc).

Has anyone tried porting Love Codea to HTML5 canvas? Should be (reasonably) straightforward, right? (Oh no… there goes ma weekend…)

My game :slight_smile:

That looks great @juaxix, what is the goal of the game? You save the people, then destroy the ships?

here is the ludum dare link:
i’m the hospital right now so i cant share the code after going back to home.


I see you’re still using the venerable loveCodify. Does it still work for you? Did you try my updated wrapper by chance?

I cant use loveCodify as it does not support anymore the progress of Codea…where is your wrapper? do you have any kind of web wrapper also as Löve2D?

It’s true, Löve doesn’t offer all the capabilities that a full wrapper will need. No, no web, and no 3D (after all, it’s called Löve2D). Also, I didn’t check if they have similar enough implementations of physics. But you can run Space Puzzle with it.

Hi Guys,

Just wandering around on the net, as you do, and I picked up a link from a Love2D thread with a YouTube video of a game written in Lua. Here’s the link:

Any views? Spent an awful long time programming it and, must say, I’m impressed graphics, sound and code. Respect !!!



Wow ,that’s a lot of code wrote …
here is mine: