Ludum Dare Entry: You Only Get One (Made with Codea)

You may remember me mentioning that I was doing Ludum Dare. Well, I kept skipping between game engines, but Codea was the best suited one for the game I wanted to make. You can find it here:
Also, a quick note about the game theme: To get to the point, the theme sucked compared to other ones… A ton. So I made a game I’ve been toying around with in my head for a while, and I’m saying it’s linked to the theme because you start with one piece (I’m BSing my way through the rules there).
I know it’s not beautiful, but I started developing it this morning (around noon), so it’s not that great.
P.S. I hope to continue the development of this, because the concept turned out great.


tho I sometimes get the app to freeze, I tried to record it, but then when it freezes, the recording also stops so it’s not in the end of the video anymore

@Zoyt, very fun, and very cool.

As far as future development, I say go with it, this could be a big hit. Perhaps powerups, improved graphics, etc.

@stevon8ter - Weird. I let mine run for about 5 minutes without freezes (with infinite lives) and no freezes. @JakAttak - I’m debating between making this or another sweet idea I came up with a while ago.
Anyways, trying other game engines really has proved how much better Codea is than other ones. I hate having the engine manage my objects. Let me manage my own darn objects and classes. So, I’m thinking about picking up an HTML5 Codea again. Largely for Ludum Dare, and partly for other things. Along with that, shaders use to be an issue, but I had completely forgot about Ludei. I probably would launch a KickStarter, too.