Love2D 11.2 on iMac

Hia All,

This is just an aside, I am trying to run LoveCodea on Love2D on an iMac and have trouble getting the Line drawing to operate properly - there’s a displacement of 256 on the vertical vector so lines begin at 256 pixels above the baseline. I think this could be due to highDPI on the Retina screen but I don’t know how to adjust it.

Funnily enough the drawing on the x axis is correct. Anyone any ideas?

By the way this also affects placement of the text with the TEXT command on the vertical scale.

you should post this question on the love2d forums instead, because there you will find more users that are comfortable using this tool.

btw, I’m on MacBook Pro 15 Retina (latest model) and do not experience this behavior. I don’t think this issue is due to the hiDPI resolution of the mac.

@se24vad - ran some lines in Love2D code and the error was not present - so I am presuming the code is down to LoveCodea - which will not be supported by Love2D enthusiasts.

I use LoveCodea on my Mac as it is a good way to emulate Codea and test routines, as long as they are pretty basic - which meets my needs most of the time. I find I can develop things faster on a desktop. Codea users familiar with LoveCodea may have moved on to other things now. Hopefully, in the near future, we will see a desktop Codea or even a browser Codea.

@Brig_G I’ve used LoveCodea in the past. I’m currently working on a small game in Codea and I’m close to finishing a first version. My plan was to first bring it to iOS devices and maybe look into an Android version later on using LoveCodea. I think this won’t work as I don’t believe that shaders are supported, but for that to find out I’ll have to look into LoveCodea anyway. I could do that in the next couple of days. Maybe I’ll run into the same issue, I will definitely let you know.

@Leon - shaders and 3D are now supported in the later versions of Love. However each generation brings along changes - so it may take a little sorting out. I’ve modified LoveCodea a little but version 11.2 seems to have added more basic complications - probably due to introduction of retina screen support.

If your code uses the Codea core of commands you may be able to use an earlier Love2D version.