Love Gameboy Emulator

I found this link about the gameboy emulator on Love2D.

I wish I can run the ZX Spectrum on Codea by using the code from Love Gameboy.

probably not feasible. As noted in the forum thread you linked, this thing needs LoveJIT, wich probably uses LuaJIT, which is not available with Codea. There are ZX Spectrum emulators in the app store, though.

For Lua itself, it doesn’t provide Bit operators such as bitAnd, bitOr, bitXor. We can add the bit operation by ourselves but the performance might not be as fast as using the LuaJIT.

not even close:

FYI Apple doesn’t allow any apps except for Safari to do JIT (data pages are non-executable). LuaJIT is faster than basic Lua on iPad but nowhere near the performance graphed in that link because the JIT part isn’t being used.