Lost Codea projects on my iPad

I’ve been away from Codea for several years although I’ve kept the app up to date and read some of the discussions here. But I suddenly realized that my projects have disappeared. I have code for many of them on my Windows laptop. What’s a good way to move them to my iPad?

Unless you deleted Codea and reloaded it, you shouldn’t have lost the projects. How many projects do you have on Windows.

Only a half dozen or so that I care about. I may have done a backup and restore, using iTunes. Perhaps it didn’t save and restore the Codea data and I didn’t notice.

If it’s not that many, just copy them and email them to yourself. On the ipad copy them and paste them into a Codea project.

Any subfolder you make in Codea folder will show up in the app:

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Thanks, I think I see what you mean. I can create a new project in Codea, including classes and then cut and paste into Visual Studio Code.

You could use the pre-release version of our VSCode “Codea Air Code” extension as it supports creating projects directly from VSCode. The pre-release includes supports for multiple projects which is not the case in the current official release. You would also need the beta version of Codea (3.9, Build 405).

See Codea 3.9 (405) - #37 by jfperusse for details on the latest updates.

This works fairly well but the connection between the laptop and the iPad fails frequently. It might be that one of my classes is larger than usual, about 900 lines of code.

I’m answering out of order because I hadn’t refreshed. I think I’ll stick with what I have now but the change to support multiple projects sounds very handy. Thanks.

Sad to hear the connection isn’t stable for you :frowning: I experienced the same thing recently on a different Wi-Fi but it’s always been working fine at home. I’m not sure what’s causing those local network performance issues yet.

The piece of code I was having trouble with was within a project with several tabs, and one of them was rather large, about 900 lines. It was with this one that had trouble with. Smaller tabs were ok, although I don’t think I tried to update all of them.

This tab was a class, in case that makes any difference.

I’m ready to upload another project, this one with even larger tabs (assuming that’s the cause of my problem). I’d like to try the beta code but don’t know how to get the 3.9 iPad app. I see the pre-release version in VSCode, so that’s ok.


Hi @Ceres, there you go, and thanks for testing it!

To my surprise, I discovered a backup of my lost projects in dropbox. It wasn’t in the folder that Codea now uses. It’s too bad I didn’t find that earlier.

I seem to remember that you had a mechanism for backing up to and restoring from dropbox. I’ve seen some references to it in older posts, but no details. Am I right about this? If so, I’d like to take a look at it.

For me, the Dropbox app and Codea don’t work very well anymore. If I unlink the Dropbox app and relink it, it will work for a hour or so then stop working. As for backups, anything in the Dropbox app would have to be synced to the Codea Dropbox folder. Codea has its own backup and restore option to a zip file. That zip file can be moved to the Files app so if anything happens to the Codea app, you’ll still have a backup of the projects. From there you can reload any project back to Codea. As for my backup/restore program, it would only work if you did a backup using it and you had the backup file in the Dropbox folder. But I would use the Codea backup/restore option since it backups everything.


I just threw this iOS Shortcut together that should be able to backup the entire Codea folder to a zip file:
Backup Codea Projects.shortcut

If you also setup an ‘automation’ within the shortcuts app to run the shortcut daily (I chose 3am) then it should be able to do this without any effort on your part.

By default it only keeps daily backups for 2 weeks and weekly backups (Mondays) for 3 months. Monthly backups (1st of each month) are kept forever.

I hope it proves useful!
I’ll certainly be using it from now on :joy: