Looking for ideas to get my hands dirty

Hello everyone once again, I was looking for ideas for games that could be simple to make and help me Learn the proCess of making a full game. I would appreciate any suggestions for me to program. Thank you :smiley:

Most people will suggest copying an existing game, starting small and simple. This is what I would suggest you do first.

You can also start by (say) bouncing a ball round a screen, then you may find yourself thinking of ways to make it more interesting (eg add a player who can try to bound the ball into a hole). In other words, start small, and play around. It’s surprising how often the ideas pop up!

You can also read other people’s ideas, like these

Ok I’ll try that @ignatz thank you for the suggestion

I’ve put together a few simple complete games tutorials aimed at beginners. Lander, asteroids, snake and space invaders are all easy starter games. Some of the also include suggestions of extras still to be added.

Codes here if you want to take a look:

Ok I’ll take a look at it @west thank you for the help :smiley:

No problem

A game that is rather simple to replicate and incorporates a lot of useful ideas in game development is “a dark room” i’d stay away from the dusty path though :))

You might find some ideas in this thread where people were challenged to write a program in 50 lines


Hahaha, i forgot about my challenge @ignatz, thanks for remembering :))

First game I ever made in codea was asteroids falling from the top of the screen in random x locations in half second intervals. You have to tap the asteroids to destroy them before they hit the bottom of the screen. When you tap one it increases your score, when the asteroid hit bottom of screen it goes to a try again screen with your score and high score.

Learned a lot with that simple game.