loading zip file over existing project

i’ve been publishing versions of my asteroids program in zip form, so the few people who care can get it easily. but you do have to either load it into a new name, or revive your old copy. might be useful to have the option to replace the project.

relatedly, if you do delete the old and then load the zip, the old icon is preserved.


@RonJeffries When I download your zip file, it creates another zip file in my Files Download folder. I just delete the old Asteroid program and the old zip file. I then tap the new zip file and it creates a new Codea project in Files. I then run your program from there.

doesn’t it create a codea project in codea? i have to “open in codea” to get it to do anything, and that insists on making a new codea project, in codea.

i’m saying it’d be nice not to have to delete the old codea program, just load over it. i could be wrong.

@RonJeffries When I tap on your zipped program, i get a pop up message that asks if I want to download the file. If I select download, it creates a zipped file in the Files app. When I tap that zip file, it creates a Codea project called Asteroids in Files. When I tap that, it takes me to Codea and opens the project. It doesn’t create a project in Codea. When I exit the Asteroids program, I’m still in Codea, but the Asteroids project isn’t there, but still in the Files app.

@RonJeffries - echo what @dave1707 said. Just use download option, use file explorer to locate it in the download folder then click on share and find Codea in the sharing options. It opens a dialogue box with selection options with activate buttons, select the one you need (only 1 in this case) and it opens Codea and installs the file - in your case Asteroids. I then rename immediately so subsequent files don’t clash. Latest one renamed to Asteroids28, ta very much for that really polished now.

@Bri_G It sounds like you do a lot more than I do. In the Files Download folder, I’ll have a file named Asteroids.zip. When I tap on it, it creates a file called Asteroids.codea . When I tap on Asteroids.codea, it opens the Codea app and loads Asteroid.codea into the Codea editor. From there I can make changes or just run it. When I exit the Codea editor, I’m still in the Codea project list, but the project Asteroids isn’t there. It’s still in the File Downloads folder.

Actually, I don’t know how to save it as a Codea projects. I can get an Open in Codea option, which it does when I press it, but It doesn’t stay there.

PS. Never mind, I figured out how to copy it to Codea.

DL goes to downloads, Asteroids.zip. Touch that, get big pic of zip file in files app. touch the pic or Open a d i’m taken to Codea import page and the question about existing file. If i long-press and select uncompressed it does make a codea thingie in files if i touch that i get a big pic of the app. if i touch the big pic it does run in files. i’ve managed to get what you got but the process you described does not work on my ipad. odd?

ah! the files view changes the behavior. i think i get what you do in the list view, what see in the column view (the right-hand icon up top). big icon view also does as you describe. interesting. if you edit the project in files, i wonder if you can export it … looks like you could recompress …

i tried your finger-sliding rotation in the actual game. i learned that i have a very strong tendency to try to push the nose of the ship, so that if it’s pointing up and i want to turn right, i can’t help pushing right, etc. makes me want something like @West 's rotator. that’s nearly doable i suspect …

@RonJeffries When I started playing with it, I had trouble too. But then I ignored where the ship was pointing and just looked at the ship itself. If I wanted it to rotated counter clockwise, I pushed up. Rotate clockwise, and I pulled down. After playing awhile, I had no trouble with the ship rotation and where I wanted it pointed. The rotation can be reversed by changing the +dx to -dx.

yes, we can learn most anything. my experience suggests that something more circular may be better. suggests, only. we’ll see. :slight_smile:

@RonJeffries @dave1707 - just posted something circular in other thread, a first stab but I find it closer to what I like albeit I wish to use both thumbs for control.