Load and save projects from icloud drive

I had to reinstall Codea on my iPad.
Prior to deleting the file, i used the export option to export my projects in a zip file and saved on icloud drive.
Now that i have reinstalled it, I have expanded the zip into a folder, if i tap a file, it opens in Codea app, but i cannot seem to save it.
If i hit the X it just goes back to the main screen with no projects saved.
How do i load the projects into Codea and have them save as new projects on the main screen?

@JCKent If you used the Codea export projects option that created a zip file, then all you should need to do is long press on the zip file and select share. Codea should be in the list to select. When you select Codea, it should open Codea and you should get a popup that will let you import all the files or select just some. It’s been awhile since I’ve use it, so I might not have all the steps correct. Anyways, you should be able to import all the projects at once.