Since xmas, i’ve been (slowly) working on ‘LinkemUp’, a game based on linking up balls. Finally it is in a presentable state. It is multi-player ipad game (up to 4 players). There are two modes of gameplay:

In static mode, the same (random) configuration of stationary balls is presented to each player. The player that connects them together with the longest total length of links is the winner. Links cannot cross.

In dynamic mode, the balls are moving and all ballls of all players are displayed. The players take it in turns to make a link. For both modes, a player is done once the last ball is linked. Balls cannot pass through a link. The number of players, balls, speeds, link force are all configurable by the user.

Here is a (poor quality) video:

As you will see, i make use of @Luatee glowline shader and cider7.

I am interested to hear what people think of the idea and implementation. Any suggestions on how to improve it are very welcome. Next step the app store?!

That is really awesome stuff!

very impressive coding, congrats!

Very nice! Great use of Luatee’s glowing line shader (which has been a hit). The funny thing is the help looks exactly like the one in KickAsteroids’ (you can use it if it is that code).
P.S. Do you know about the recording feature? If you set the display more to just fullscreen with buttons and tap the record button, in the bottom left, it records without the buttons.

I like the look of it, especially the splash screen animation. And the touch/drag to move balls is very well done.

I have no idea how to design gameplay, and I’m a little slow to pick up on tactics for new games. Other than choosing links to avoid trapping balls, hence isolating other balls, do you have tactics in mind that the gameplay is designed to favour?

@time_trial - don’t underestimate yourself. Start with something really simple, even just a ball bouncing around, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you start coming up with ideas.

@Zoyt, opps i had forgotten-that’s exactly right, the help class is taken from your beautiful Kick Asteriods. I removed the blur and flicker from the title. I also added abiility to display an image on a page. As you suggest i made a better video using the codea camera:
If you look carefully Luatee, Mark and yourself are acknowledged-thanks again guys, i have learn’t so much from your contributions to the forum.

@time_trial, doing the splashscreen was fun. It has random start locations for the balls, so it is a bit different each time. Well, yes the tactics are to try and isolate the other players balls while maximising the number and length of your links. The time limit adds a bit of pressure; if you dont’t make the link in time, one of your random non-linked ball is deleted. Also, you can break an existing link but it counts as a turn. As linking the last ball ends the game for the player, one needs to take care of the order in which the links are made. Not exactly candy crush, but my kids seem to enjoy it!

@piinthesky - Great. If you want the code for the help in StackIt instead, let me know. I’m willing to share any code I make, just not entire projects.

@piinthesky, thanks for the explanation. I am trying to make a couple of apps at first, then will try making a game.

@Ignatz, I am slowly getting there with the coding side, so perhaps I will slowly get there with gameplay design, too. Thanks for the encouragement.

Nice. Like the time bar as part of the top bar.

I have added a new feature to my LinkemUp game…
In the static mode (balls are stationary) it is now possible to play against the computer (see video below)

The algorithm i developed to find the set of longest non overlapping links, is not perfect, but is good enough
to beat most players.