Line Rider

Hi all, long time since I posted anything or even used Codea. Using an iPad today so I thought I’d alter my Rail Joint for box2D to create a Line Rider rip off. Here’s the days progress:

Few bugs and a good deal could be done with the math. Any mathematicians here?

Any suggestions as to what could be done other than the obvious Line Rider game play? I’ll be working on this while I try to get Aedifico backup loaded in my Codea.

Theres no code for it atm but you play as follows: draw lines, spaceman rides the lines you draw

I don’t have my iPad right now but will check it out asap…it looks fun. But could you explain how to play? Thanks.

Good to have you back @luatee. I hope you can finish Aedifico, it was an impressive piece of code.

It is on hold currently but not abandoned! Appreciate the greeting, it’s good to see codea is still quite active.

The mechanics of this line rider rip off are not consistent (not deterministic) and so unusable but also its hard to think how they get the ability to nose manual so well. When my guy tries to nose manual he slows down :frowning: