Line numbers text contrast

@sim @John - just a thought, could be my age but I find trying to see the line numbers on Codea (recently) a little difficult. I find the contrast between the text and the background to the numbers very poor. Any chance you could change that ?

Also, the text font used for line numbers seems different and smaller - is that the case ?


It is lower contrast, if you increase the font size in the code editor, the line numbers will also increase

However what we might do is try to respect Apple’s “Increase Contrast” system setting (Settings → Accessibility → Display & Text Size → Increase Contrast). I’ll note this down to look into adding in a future build

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Ooooh that sounds like a good idea, apart from helping users it might also get you brownie points from Apple.


I usually have my screen brightness very low as bright screens hurt my eyes, I also occasionally have trouble reading the line numbers.
I wouldn’t want to use an increased contrast mode for everything though.

if they could be either bigger or brighter (or a bit of both) that would help.

edit: guess it’s needless to say but I use dark mode