Licensing an App


Hello I’m new, I was wondering if I create an App for the iPad on Codea. Can I license the rights and sell or use it as my own after I create it.

I’d appreciate any help, thank you.

Hi @Edphoto, you retain all rights to any work you produce in Codea. You are able to sell your works commercially on the App Store or distribute them by other means.

You are free to use the built-in sprite packs in your apps, but you must acknowledge their authors similar to how they are acknowledged in Codea itself.

Simeon, that’s great and I think that’s very fair. Thank you for helping me, I appreciate it.

Simeon I have one more question. I’m interested in making a photo booth app that allows to post the photos on Facebook. Do you guys happen to have a tutorial or template for that kind of app?


I know im not @Simeon, but the face book posting could be handled using the openURL function and linking to a site/server that will post to facebook for you.

Great thank you.

If you need real Facebook integration then it is likely you’ll need to use the native iOS Facebook SDK.

openURL will only allow you to take your user to the Facebook page, where they would have to post the photo manually.