Libraries? How do I import one?

I’ve looked everywhere for an answer or tutorial, but I can’t find out how to import a lua library into codea. Can some one tell me how?

Put the library (being a class in codea usually or a set of classes) in to a separate file to your main project then where you add new tabs add the library project in the dependency list.

@Leviathan - you need to actually copy and paste the library code into either another Codea project (if you plan to use it for several projects) or else into your current project.

If you take the first option then you need to set a reference to it, as Luatee has said. In the Codea editor for your game project, press the + at top right, and tick your library project so Codea will link them together.

Oh, thanks guys! That makes sense. You guys are the best!!!

Like @Ignatz said, yes u cannot import Lua libraries at all EXCEPT if it is a gist. U can look up “Gist Downloader” on Search for the program.

@aurumcoder2624 - no, that is not true. You can bring Lua libraries into Codea by copying and pasting the code. The gist downloader is just a way of automating it.

What happened to aurumcoder2624

@kirorp - wouldn’t play by the rules

@Ignatz fair enough