libc++abi.dylib error

ios7 with my app hangs on launch with this error?

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** setObjectForKey: object cannot be nil (key: Documents:param)’

libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

says when you open the application?

I think it’s saying you’re attempting to sprite() an image that doesn’t exist. I would wait until Codea updates to iOS 7 before exporting. There have been many troubles, including Codea not exporting sprites that were used in the project. (Therefore the nil error.)

must wait for the update of Codea but when???

I’ve had this error before. Try cleaning your project (Shift - Command - K) in Xcode.

No :frowning:
Screenshot xcode

I’m pretty sure the file doesn’t exist, or it is misreferenced. What’s happening is that the Codea runtime thinks the file is there, so it tells your Codea script that it exist, but when it attempts to access it, the runtime crashes. Do you have any red file names in your project navigator? I’ve had this error before, but I just had to clean the project. Without the project files, it’s hard to debug it. I’m not asking for them, I’m just saying that.

not non-existent file. What is null is that it worked on ios6 :frowning:

Then the project you built on the iOS 6 simulator probably had some files that were cached, but don’t exist. Just because there aren’t any red files, that doesn’t mean it can find everything. Are you getting an Apple Match-O Linker warning?

I had this problem where I was using readImage() on an image name that was built up in aa variable, e.g. I have map images like Map_1_blah, Map_2_blah and I iterate through building up the file name in a variable… When exported my images would not be exported, so I had to create a dummy function I never called with explicit readImage(“Map_1_blah”) etc so Codea woould scan the code for images to export…

Also, I relied on looping around until readImage returned nil so I could just add in new maps, but Xcode couldn’t handle this, so I had to explicitly set the number of maps in the for loop…


Everyone’s having issues with readImage on iOS 7. You’ll be happy to hear, (at least for me), it’s fixed in the beta.

not for me :frowning: