legal question

Am I allowed to change the loading screen to something besides the made with Codea screen that it exports with by default if I give credit to Codea at a different part of the game (Using one of the cargo bot “made with codea” sprites?)

@jrohanian, I have no experience with this myself, but since I already saw many discussions about changing the loading screen, i’m 99% sure there’s no problem changing it.
but I’m sure the other forum users, who have some experience with this, will have a more detailed answer for you

@jrohanian yeah, you can change it. It’s just a temporary loading screen until you change it

No legal issue here, it’s just that you have to ({from my experience) put forward a loading screen in the build for the app so Codea has that as default but you can change the PNG as kirorp said.

@jrohanian you can change the loading screen to whatever you like, and you don’t have to give credit to Codea (but if you do, it is much appreciated).

However if you use any of the artwork bundled with Codea please consider giving the original authors credit (their names are under their respective sprite packs).

@Simeon thank you. I will give credit to codea, partially because I couldn’t have made this without it, and partially because I am too lazy to go back and edit the made with codea image out.