Learn to Codea - Shaders 4 - Shader Toy

Learn to Codea - Shaders 4 - Shader Toy

Shaders 4 - Shader Toy.zip (8.1 KB)

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A fun distraction, this time we’re taking a cool Shader Toy example and adapting it to run in Codea without any modifications! This should work on other (relatively) simple Shader Toy examples as well…

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Will you be able to edit the shadertoy file in Codea? Or will you need to use an external editor?

Fun to try!

That’s a good point, I can move it to a lua file. The new editor let’s you edit arbitrary text files so eventually that will be an option

This is a great idea to make most of the Shadertoy examples very easy to run in Codea by adapting!

However, I have a small problem. How do I put a file with the suffix .glsl into a Codea project? The Codea’s. asset explorer can’t find the .glsl file.

I released that after I put it out (I originally wrote the example on my mac). I’ll update the example with the glsl code in a tab instead

Thanks! Looking forward to the next release!