Learn codea on windows (BETA)(STABLE) -- MALWARE!!!

I made a piece of software which teaches you how to code lua on windows (mac and maybe linux coming soon!). It is only in early beta but faily stable. It includes a ide, offline tutorials and lots of my own example code! Download and let me know what you think in the comments of this thread :smiley: [EXECUTABLE URL REDACTED]

I should mention the link goes straight to download. No proper website :frowning:

could you post some screenshots? I have I mac, so cannot try myself…

@reca sounds cool, il try it out later

:-? I don’t recommend that anybody install an executable named “notification.exe” from someone who has been a member for only a few hours.

No offence meant to reca, but this could be a trojan horse.

@reca, please provide some evidence that this is genuine, eg post a non-executable link to some of your source code.

sorry but I don’t see a upload button for the screenshot

@reca you need to use html to post a screenshot

@Ignatz yeah man that’s why I’d say I’d try it out later

not a screenshot, actual code link please. I want to read your code.

i dont know how to pm



The code is a generic win32 malware infection what contains a backdoor to the users system. Your system could become infected via the backdoor to make it a ‘zombie’ and have it used in a botnet for spam, ddos, other malware infections.

sorry but its closed source, i dont want my code getting leaked for others to take and republish without my credit

@reca PM @ignatz the code, he’s about as trustworthy as they come

user is deleted