King Of the hill help?

Hey there codea lovers, so I wanted to make a battle game multiplayer where you try to become the king of the hill I am new to codea and I need some help!



@quinnd2006 A lot of users come here and ask the same question, so I don’t think you’re going to get a lot of replys. You’ll get help from us answering your questions or giving you help when you have a coding problem. You’ll also get simple examples on how to do something, but we’re not here to do the coding for you. Since you’re new to Codea, I suggest you look thru the Reference and the Wiki. The links to both of those can be found at the top of the forum. The more you learn about Codea and how to code, the easier it will be to write programs like you see in the example projects or code shown here in the forum. Also, don’t be so impatient. As soon as someone sees your post, you’ll get a response.

Sorry @dave1707 I am used to people responding right away. And thanks!

@quinnd2006 Depending on the time you ask something will depend on how fast of a response you get. From 7am to 5pm EST, I usually check the forum once every couple of hours. From 5pm to 11pm I check it several times per hour. From 11pm to 7am, I sleep. There are others who probably do the same from other time zones, so you shouldn’t have to go too long without an answer. Also, it depends if someone knows the answer to your question or if they feel like answering. We’re all volunteers here. We answer questions just to help new coders like you.

Thanks again @dave1707!

We try to be helpful, but there are only a few of us, and it gets annoying when people say “I need this, do all the work for me and then explain it to me”.

You will get more help if, when you get stuck, you look at the tutorials and reference, or search the forum for answers, before posting a question. In other words, make an effort to learn as much as possible and solve it yourself first.

And when you do post a question, it helps a lot if you post the code that isn’t working.