Keyboard shortcuts


I was playing around with the new version of textastic, and i’m really liking the new keyboard layout the developer added:

Now there are too many of them since there are quite a few symbols lua doesn’t use, but it makes it really fast to type once you get used to it (much easier than the Codea submenus imo).
What do you guys think ?



That new keyboard is really intriguing. I think at some point down the line we will offer a completely custom Lua-oriented keyboard (with the option to retain the standard keyboard).

Is the idea that a drag off in the direction of a symbol types that symbol, like the left and right in Codea do up and down? That doesn’t seem half bad - I like the bigger buttons (the top bar on the codea keyboard is just a bit small for my giant fingers)

I like those keys - and love the idea of customizing them to my needs - but if you wanted to keep it simple and add a few “missing” shortcuts I was thinking you could change the codea bar above the keyboard based on the [.?123] and [shift] key just like the native keyboard…

So if you go into [.?123] mode, then the “()” becomes “{}”, the “+=” becomes “-=”, the “[<” (move left) becomes "[/" (move up)… things like that.

Assuming, of course, you can hook into the keyboard mode shift event.