Keyboard Shortcuts (No returning the cursor?)

After typing up code. I run it with the following keyboard shortcut:

cmd + r (takes me to output screen)

Once I’m done with the output screen, I go back to the code editing screen via the following keyboard shortcut:

cmd + w 

Cool!! I’m back with that quick keyboard shortcut. Now here is where the sucky part kicks in…

In order for me to start typing again…
I have to physically reach up and away from my keyboard, so. i can tap the glass with my finger, so that Codea recognizes “hey, you want to type again - here let get you your cursor back” This is when I am allowed to type again.

This gets tiring real quick and uncomfortable. Especially when sitting upright and hand on keyboard. Codea does not let you start typing unless you go through this process.

So my question… Isn’t there a key shortcut, that will place the cursor where I last left off once I enter code editor screen again? (If so, I do not see it in the keyboard shortcut list).

@tactfulgamer I tried playing around with an external keyboard and I couldn’t find any way to get the keyboard back unless I touched the screen. The same thing happens with the internal keyboard. When you run the code and exit back to the editor, you have to tap the screen for the keyboard to pop up. @Simeon will probably have to add something to look for a specific key command to show the keyboard and place the cursor where you left off.

Please @Simeon

Thanks @dave1707