Just bought a game by StackIt not because I wanted it but to help kids.

Experienced lots if lag ios 7.1.2

Good job for making it with Codea though @Zoyt which is Nathan Flurry I believe.
Pretty fun

@GriffinC - Thanks! I appreciate the purchase. I know that, for some reason, many people are experiencing lag issues. I looked into it briefly, and when I wrote the code, it was written pretty badly. So to make it run faster, it would take a lot of refracting. However, after I finish my current project, I will be making v2.0. I’ve worked on it a bit, and it should be pretty cool. It will include things like cars, busses, animated objects, more power ups, etc. etc. and should run without lag.
To remove the lag in the current version, you might try going to Menu > Settings > Show weather > Off. It might be the live weather causing the issues.
Anyways, the entire is open source on GitHub here if you want to fiddle with it and try and make it run faster.
If you don’t mind me asking, how does my game help kids? If you have any suggestions for v2.0 that might make StackIt more practical for you, I’m open to suggestions.

15% to Haitian Kids

@GriffinC - Ah. Thanks. I thought that you bought it for kids to learn shapes or something. Anyways, glad you like it. I hope to do something like 5-10 percent for my entire company when my next app launches.