Just a silly idea

So, (as designers) we have these two ever present elements to think about (or ignore). Two things that are in every project regardless of its intent. I’m referring to the “split-view” ellipses at screenTop, and the white line at the bottom.

Just occurred to me, “why design ‘around’ the problem when I can make use of it”.

I propose using them as a focal point, intentionally. My first idea is to spotlight them with the use of Easter eggs. I’ll have the ellipse emit particle effects, and a stick man walk along the white line.

And since I can count on those two elements not changing anytime soon, I can get more and more creative with it over time. Not to mention () these effects could work well as a “non sequitur” event in any project.

Just a side thought.

Did you put your thought into action? How’d it go?