Juice - simple animation library

This is a project I wrote years ago to provide a composable animation system to Codea for simple games. Where you can easily apply animated effects to primitives and stack them together smoothly

There’s a little example included but the intention was to use it as a library

Little video example here


This is take great. Do you happen to have any examples of the following things:
Z position on 2D assets? I’m aware that the order in “draw” determines what shape or sprite is on top. Maybe there is a way to use mesh in a craft scene to have 2D meshes that are basically sprites but move them closer/further from the camera to change the draw z order?
While I’m also messing with mesh and craft.scene, any examples of lighting using 2D assets and normal maps?

@Simeon I’d forgotten about this - it’s super.

Using it raised 2 quick things

  1. I’d previously requested a search function on dependency imports - did this get implemented? Adding juice as a dependency took a while to trawl through my many projects.

  2. When I download Juice and open it via the download file manager it opens in codea and runs fine, but doesn’t seem to save it or have the option to save it/import it. When I close it, it’s gone. What am I missing?


  1. That sounds fairly simple I’ll add it to the list
  2. Sounds like you are running it “In place” — if you unzipped the zip file somewhere on your iPad and open the .codea project Codea will not import it. It will edit it wherever it lives in your filesystem. You can either:

a) Import it manually by dragging it into your On My iPad > Codea folder
b) Don’t unzip the original file and instead open the .zip file in Codea. Long press the zip file, choose “Share” and select “Codea” from the list. This will present the import dialog

Aha - I’d unzipped it - thanks!

@Simeon - did you ever introduce your dependency prioritisation (ie climb to the top of the pile) - every time I use Craft I have to scroll down loadsa projects to get the camera demo from Craft Examples.

that’s neat. i’ll check the code and maybe steal the idea for my Dung series, now at 126 articles.