It's about time Codea had built in debugger!

After such a long time, it’s about time Codea had a build in debugger, rather than the very clunky attempts to add one via code attachments!

Most decent code development IDEs are capable of debugging the software under development, it would be much better and easier if Codea had this capability also, for consistency in use and negate the need to use some other module attachments, which never really work very well.

Hope this can be introduced in version 4…

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yes it’s being worked on for version 4 but one thing to keep in mind if you’re strongly considering Codea is that it’s development is slow

it’s better to work with what you have currently instead of getting caught up in wishful thinking, that said someone made a debugger that works with 3.x, but i found it cumbersome so i always just use print statements

the wonderful thing about Codea is it will run all the code up to the point it fails, so you can put “print (‘here’)” and if it shows in console output it means the code ran up to that line for sure

First: fully agree, it would be great.

Second: between Xcode, Visual Studio, and Eclipse, Codea is by far, far, far the easiest environment in which to debug that I’ve ever used.

Why? Simple. With those other IDE’s, at least 50% of the time (and probably more) if something’s crashing it’s because of some obscure fiddly setting buried deep somewhere in the configurations that takes me hours of searching Stack Overflow to find. In other words, debugging in other IDE’s, regardless of their debugging tools, is constantly complicated by the fact that often the bug isn’t actually in the code.

With Codea, the time spent struggling with the IDE itself is near-zero. Not fully zero, but dang close.

So I fully fully fully endorse and support the dream of a real debugger for Codea v3!

…and I just think it bears saying that Codea saves us all a lot of time debugging because of how little we have to debug Codea itself.

i didn’t think about that but i definitely have to agree, working with Codea i’ve probably ran into 3-4 actual problems/nuances with the engine but they can be worked around, when i worked with unity and cocos, there was a lot of time spent learning their options and sometimes the resulting builds need their own adjustments