Iterate thru SpritePack

Hi guys, is there a way to iterate thru a Spritepack? I’d like to have a table containg sprites loaded from a SpritePack in the DropBox folder. This question might sounds stupid but i’m new to codea programming.

Thank’s in advance.

Hello @yelnats. I think the short answer is: Yes. See the in-app reference under Storage\Saving and Loading Images\spriteList(spritePackName). For example:

spriteKeys = spriteList("Dropbox") -- Get list of image names
spriteImages = {} -- This table will hold the images
for i = 1, #spriteKeys do
    spriteImages[i] = readimage("Dropbox:"..spriteKeys[i])

Thank you very much @mpilgrem. I was not looking at the right place for the info! This is exactly what i was looking for.