isometric example? 2D not craft

hey, does any one have an example of a 2D mesh project that uses isometric camera perspective?

i want to try to make a game using it but i haven’t found any good examples, and i understand the biggest problem will be the draw order for when objects move in front or behind each other

if there’s no good examples around i will try to make one myself eventually, i had an idea about using a map/hash table with each grid position having a key in the table but that seems un doable without using whole numbers and having a limited range

Doesn’t seem like there is much, from what I could find. I would check out some examples from processing.js, they’ve been around for 20 years and the 2D functionality is extremely similar to the way codea works. Here is a video I found, hopefully it’s useful in some way. If you do end up making it, make sure to impart some wisdom on me :smiley: i usually just work in craft, cause that’s where i feel comfy. take care!

i ended up making this work closely following but not absolutely adhering to the guides here -

i added my own optimizations and of course this runs on my rather complex boilerplate, if anyone is interested in the project i’ll post it