Is there still no way to view assets of a project?



what do you mean? there’s multiple ways, such as the Assets menu or you can type assest into the editor and follow the auto complete options after each . (dot) and then hold down on the last autocomplete option to view the asset

Didn’t know about the hold … but not very useful for browsing all the project’s access. As for the assets menu, i don’t see how to see a project’s assets from there. Advise me?

@RonJeffries To see a projects assets, while in the project, tap on the “Do” at the upper right of the page. Tap on Assets which bring up the assets list. At the top of the list is the Project Assets. In there you’ll see what assets the project uses.

@dave1707 - I believe the only projects assets you see are those that TLL built into Codea. It’s not like a filing system. So you can see obj files for instance but not the associated mtl files.

@john can you confirm this. Also - is there any way to add text based files for editing, not restricted to say obj, in Codea 3.
More directly make all asset files in Codea 3 visible in asset filer?

you have to copy assets into the project first, the biggest drawback for me is that you can only copy assets from the root codea folder and you cannot copy whole folders but you can make folders in the codea project - and copy assets from the root into those folders, it’s just a major hassle to have to keep copying and deleting files from the root in order to move them into projects

one work around for this is to have a separate folder for you assets, for example i use a folder called Assets, then you can use another app that sees .codea files as folders and copy everything into it like that, but you have to remember to change your assets.documents pointers

@skar - I’ve taken a lot of time recently moving all my projects into dedicated folders. So I have a root folder called asteroids.collection for all my asteroid related projects. Also, I have an asteroids.assets folder to hold all the assets for the projects within the collections folder. Adding a info.plist and an icon to the assets folder then presents the asset collection into the assets menu and you can move around your assets from there.

I also now have communal asset folders such as controllers.assets and images.assets for use in several projects.

All we need is for Codea to recognise a broader range of assets so that we can see and transfer them with ease.

Haven’t tried @dave1707 - but if we relabelled .mtl files as .txt and modified the .obj file could we get round the file copying issue that way? Have you tried it?

Thanks for the pointer to Do/Assets, I had forgotten that it never knew it.

Agreed in the general clunkiness. I’ve used Files to do an Archive folder. I like the idea of making others, tho it’s a bit of a pain. I’ll consider more of that …


@Bri_G what do I have to add to the info.plist? Just an empty file? does the icon need a specific name or just “icon.png”?

@skar - @John posted an example info plist ages ago. You should be able to find it, but I don’t think you need it. I think Codea identifies asset folders by its presence so any info.plist from an existing asset folder should do.

Normally there are two icons, which are used by Codea for the asset menu, named Icon png and Icon@2x.png. you can put any icons in there. I think the scale is 110x110 pixels. Note the case of the “I” is important. I’ll post a plist file if you can’t find one but need to get on my pad to do so.