Is there any way to still download codea 1.5.5?

As it says in the title! I’ve only just recently heard about codea and was very excited to download it and get started - only to discover that it won’t work/download on my lowly iPad 1:-(( Is there any way to download an earlier version of the app? Or failing that can anyone point me towards a similar app that will work with ios5? I am new to coding and codea looks so user friendly!

I have an ipad1 and I was surprised when I looked at the App Store for Codea that it showed Codea 2.0 . I thought it wouldn’t show apps that weren’t downloadable on the ipad1. Maybe that’s just for updates only. I’m sure someone will post a response to answer you question.

@derialc I’m not sure, but I thought if you tried to download an app, it would give you the latest version that would run on you ipad. I’m sure someone will correct me and give you valid information.

@Dave That would be great but it doesn’t work unfortunately! Just get an error message telling me I need to upgrade my iOS…

@derialc Hang on, I’m sure @Simeon or someone will give you information.

@derialc There’s an app called techBASIC that allows you to write code, but hold on until you find out a final answer for Codea. I have both apps, but hardly use techBASIC because I like Codea more.

Problem solved! :slight_smile:

After doing a little surfing I discovered that it is possible to download an earlier version of an app if a) you’ve already purchased it and b) the developer has left this option available to you. So I hopped upstairs to the pc and downloaded it through the app store on iTunes and then crossed my fingers that my iPad would now offer me a compatible earlier version and it worked!! Woohoo!! So thank you TwoLivesLeft for leaving this option open!!

For anyone else who has this problem you need to buy the app on your pc/mac (using the same id) and then go into your Purchased tab in the App Store on your ipad and download from there…

@dave Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

@derialc Nice trick. I never thought that would be possible. You could have ended up with a version of Codea on iTunes but not on your iPad1. It would have given you an incentive to move to a newer iPad. But now you can at least see the potential of Codea even though there are some things not available to you, but I don’t think you’ll miss them.

Yeah it was a bit of a risk but I decided it was worth it! As for the newer features - you can’t miss what you’ve never had, right?!

@derialc - If you plan to export your app to the App Store and still want sound support, you can contact Simeon and ask for the v1.6 runtime (which was never released).