Is there another way than copy/pasting code to share projects?

I don’t have the options of ‘‘open in Codea’’ when I import projects, even if the file in .lua I can unzip stuff but from there I’m lost as what I can do

Getting code out of Codea is now quite easy, but getting it in is still a bit hard, thanks to Apple. See some of the solutions in this thread:

Something exciting that’s on the horizon: I’m a beta-tester for the app Working Copy. It’s a full iOS git client, with out-of-the-box support for github, bitbucket. The current beta version has just added an “export to Codea” function. It concatenates all the .lua files it finds in a repository into Codea’s “paste-into-project” format. If it finds an Info.plist file in the repo created by Codea, it uses that to get the tab order correct. It’s very cool, and definitely one of the easiest ways of getting multi-file code repositories into Codea. I’ll post more about it once the feature makes it into the release version.

@yojimbo2000 - I’ll certainly be on the lookout for that app!

Working Copy is out, but the export to Codea feature is upcoming in v2.6

I was lucky that Working Copy 2.6 passed quickly through review. It is now in the App Store.

@palmin thank you very much for adding this incredibly useful feature for Codea users!

I’ve been beta-testing Working Copy for a while now, and it’s an essential app for iOS coders, in my opinion.

If anyone uses their iPad for other kinds of coding other than Codea, Working Copy is a great investment. It plays nice with Pythonista, and it has hands-down the best Javascript console on iOS.