Is there a way to use an ‘if’ statement in Shade?

I have been playing around in Shade, and I can’t fully grasp shaders yet. I want the shader to choose between two colors. I have the shader using a ‘Step’ node. And, for example, I would like it to choose red if the Step node returns 1 and choose blue if the Step node returns 0. Is this possible? Am I not fully understanding the correct way to use Shade?

Any help would be appreciated. I bet it is some simple thing I am missing or not getting. Thanks!

Here is a solution, use “1-x” node.

@binaryblues Thank you! That worked perfectly!

If there are any other ways to do an ‘if’ statement please let me know!

@exomut In future I’ll be adding some if style nodes like this one from Amplify -

@John That would be awesome. I can’t wait! Keep up the great work!