Is there a way to get the width of Codea's console?

For some simple projects, I’m wanting to use the Codea console as a mini-REPL that stays in place while I draw images and plot on the screen. Is there a way to get the width of Codea’s console on the device so that I can start drawing my imaging at (width of console + 1)?

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@SugarRay - not sure what you mean by console but there are two global variables for the width and height of the screen - not surprisingly WIDTH and HEIGHT.

Thanks, @Bri_G!

I meant the width of the output and parameter pane; it is my impression that the output pane functions as a console (i.e. stdout on a typical terminal).

You may be able to get it with a fair bit of trial and error with the ObjC bridge but viewer.mode = STANDARD should limit the actual rendering area to that not covered by the side panel.

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Thanks, @Steppers, that makes sense and is very helpful :+1::blush: