Is it possible to run console to the right side of the code editor?

Hello all,

Does Codea offer this feature?

After I press run, I am sent to the prototyping area. Naturally so.

That said, what about when you don’t need to have something drawn? You just want to run simple logic on the console? (Like the simple code in the image attached below)

If I am not making sense, please see the image and read my annotations that’s on Codea.
(I just mean the console coming up in the editor area - not the prototyping area - where things are drawn)

@tactfulgamer - if you mean the output window, where you print output/add parameter controls and the small terminal window at the bottom - the answer is no. I have suggested a mobile window in the past and have fiddled with a few ideas of my own.

If you mean a side by side editor/output window iPadOS 13 has just introduced a very powerful one. Looks like you are writing a book to educate about the Lua language.

When you post - check your images - the top line of the image in the editing window (the commented out one) needs modifying - especially if you are trying to teach kids about Lua/Codea.

p.s. let us know what you are planning to do with your Lua book/manual.

Thank you @Bri_G

No not my book, I am studying @Ignatz Lua for beginners guide. Those are my annotation on the pdf guide, but yes, definitely not my written book. I am a noob.

Yes I meant and output window. (I called it console going off c# language for their output window)

iPadOS 13 introduced a output window I can use with Codea? Please do share - any links to this article? I will google myself and see if somebody tests it out on youtube.

@tactfulgamer - I was not referring to the console window with iPadOS. I was referring to the split screen so you could have two applications visible at once making copying and pasting easy. Maybe even run two versions of Codea/projects to compare etc.

If you need the console on the right why not build your own, just set up a window there and output output facilities and controls. You’ll have to design them of course. Perhaps we can ask @Simeon/@John to provide routines for mirroring the parameter features in a window. You also may consider using one of the other UI’s (search the forum) either to run in or to use modules present there for your own project. If you could explain what you want to achieve there are forum members here who could guide you through it.

Do you actually need text/command input?

@Bri_G Ahh… gotcha.

Yes, I need text/command input. I am studying Lua and this helps TREMENDOUSLY for me.

I tried running two codea’s - it’s not working for whatever reason. Meaning nothing comes up when I try to open up a Codea window, by the first open Codea window.
Basically not working, or at least, not working on my ipad pro 2017 model.

This is first thing I tried when iPadOS dropped, they were touting that feature heavy during the presentation.

Build my own - can’t build my own (I’m still learning - still a mega noob that a sloooow learner) I don’t even know how to create a simple guess my number game yet (on my own)

I will look in the forums to see who has released this. I’ll search for console editor UI as a keyword - and see what comes up.

I was not aware you guys were creating Codea tools we can use within the app. That’s awesome and very good to know!