Is it possible to run a Lua-forum from the server side?

^ title says everything

Let me explain it better: is it possible to run a codea-created App as multiplayer, server game?

Why everyone hates me so much?

This is one of the trickiest problems in game design. If I were going to try and build a live action multiplayer game I’d use a game engine that implements all the technologies that you’d need out of the box. I’m not sure whether Unity, Unreal etc do this. I was looking at Apple’s Game Center Kit, and although they provide the tools for matching up players and sending live updates between them, you’d still have to write the code to handle the latency yourself.

In Codea we have the added complication that on iOS you can only have one instance of an app running, so you can’t have two instances of the code you’re writing running at once, which is a pretty important part of a multiplayer development environment.

Look at the lua sockets posts on this forum. Install the sample code that people have built and run it. I would start with a turn-based game, over local network sockets. ie player takes a turn, pushes turn to other iPad, other player takes a turn etc. So far though, no-one on the forum has managed live updating multiplayer with lua sockets.

Aren’t they too old and already over 100 pages?