Is It Just Me

…… yeah, is it just me or are you updating your pad more often at the moment - and is it accompanied by poor touch response and slower processing?

I even get a flicker of the Apple logo when I start my pad. Running generation 7 iPad Pro.

@Bri_G What updating are you referring to, IOS or Codea. Everytime there’s an update, more things are being added which in turn slows things down. Apple has to create iPad/iPhones with faster processors and more memory just to run basic things because of all the unnecessary things they think people want. That in turn forces more people to by new devices, so it’s a win/win circle for Apple. As for Codea, it’s speed is about the same except for startup, which takes a lot longer.

@dave1707 - I was referring to iOS. If what you say is true then it must be largely targeting new machines but making them retro compatible. An alternative would be to add only what is necessary in old machines and leave out incompatible features, but that would entail multiple versions.

@dave1707 I would be curious to know if the startup speed issue resolves itself for you once iOS 15 is out

@Simeon I will let you know. I usually wait a couple of weeks before I update to a new IOS just to make sure there’s no problems.

@Simeon - looking at iPadOS 15, getting a bit worried. The complexity and interactivity of the system looks much higher than current capabilities. The overhead in code is bound to slow older kit down - need metal iPad!!!

Looks great but am I going to suffer with the increased load on the hardware, or has Apple streamlined and cut down the existing system so that we won’t notice?