Is Codea tested on OSX?

I’ve recently tried using Codea on a macbook, but I crashes quite frequently. Do you ever test it on OSX? I find it quite nice that it runs on a mac as well, but it crashes a bit to often. :slight_smile:

Quite often crashes when I go back to the editor from the running program. And quite often in the editor while editing code.

the same happens on iOS for me (Codea beta version) I think the frequent crashes in the editor is a general issue :confused:

Is this happening any less with 3.11 beta?

If it does happen please share crash reports

@tnlogy are you on the beta? If not could we get you to join so that you can share crash reports with us and we can improve stability

are you using the document assets folder?

No, not using any assets. Will try with the next testflight version when it arrives.