Is codea laggier than the actual app?

To better phrase the question, does the codea compiler and runner make the processing slower than it would be if it were an app you downloaded? I’m wondering if the fact you codea is also running the codea app and not just the program you write as well? Would you get an extra 5 or 10 FPS

Yes, code in Codea is slower than an actual app. I haven’t tried this yet, but run the example Cargo Bot and see how that compares to the app Cargo Bot.

@Invad3rZIM from what I’ve seen it’s only about a 5 fps difference and that’s when you’re going below 40-50fps, so it takes up a bit of memory but not much (not enough to make different scenarios occur in a codea-compiled app compared to a compiled app).

Okay. Thank you :slight_smile: