Is Codea Comunity dead?

HI, just wondering is CC dead? Does it still work? If not, why is it not the number 1 way to share code now? It looks AWESOME!!! Thanks Evan.
Edit: When I say Codea Conmunity CC i mean this…

Do you call people in the hospitals, who can’t access the public for some time “dead”?


How to install the code?

sorry if my post came across that way i was just trying to ask if anyone is still using it? i saw where the servers were down

Np, just a joke post. Ok, let’s be serious. Isn’t Codea Talk our Community? I mean, this here is spammed by bots, but the Application could be used for veteran users. I just want to know how to install it. A community can’t get public, if there is no way to enter it.

CC is broken, and its developers are no longer active.

So I guess you could say it is dead.

all right. Thanks Ignatz