iPadOS 16 upgrade

Hi All,
Noted on my iPad that iPadOS is out now, but doesn’t look like it will install on my system. Are there any advantages to this upgrade?

Secondly, to @John @Sim - are there any features of this upgrade that will enhance Codea now or in the near future.

@Bri_G I have iOS 16.1 on my iPhone and iPads. I don’t know if there’s any advantages or not to it because I use a small fraction of what’s available. I always do updates just to keep current. I think Apple just keeps adding more and more junk so they can make it bigger and require more memory and faster CPU’s.

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@dave1707 - I’d just about to install 15.7.1 when I saw the 16.1 update. Tried 16.1 thinking no point with the 15 update but didn’t seem to be a link for the 16 installation. Installed the 15 update and found a link then for the 16. So now I’m on 16.1.

Must admit these major version updates seem to add features/apps I’m not really interested in but do seem to slow down my pad.

Seem to be mainly multimedia style apps added with each major version. Apple keeping ahead of the pack I think.

I feel like iPadOS 16 doesn’t add too many new features. The biggest feature of iOS 16 is probably the personalised lockscreen and from what I can tell, that didn’t come over to iPadOS. Personally, I think Stage Manager makes multitasking on iPad much better, but it’s still quite flawed and will hopefully improve in future versions. If you don’t care about that, I don’t really see a reason to upgrade.