ipad speeds

Just curious about the speed of the different iPads. Run this code and post the speed. No need to respond if someone else posted a speed for that device. I’m sure the speeds will vary slightly on similar devices.

function setup()
    for z=1,loop do

Here are the times for my 2 iPads. The Air is almost 5 times faster than the iPad1.

iPad1  34.97 seconds
iPad Air  7.77 seconds

Odd. My iPad Air took 7.63208 seconds. I suppose 0.14 seconds doesn’t matter too much, though.

@SkyTheCoder The times will vary a little on the same device types. I’m sure if you ran this several times on your Air, you’ll see different times.

iPad3 32.8 secs

(now I wants an Air…)

(@SkyTheCoder - perhaps your iPad is at altitude :smiley: )

@Ignatz Maybe his iPad was in motion. According to Einstein, time slows down for moving objects.

@dave1707 - it only slows down for external observers. Obviously, @SkyTheCoder has someone to run his programs for him.

iPad Mini 33.4 (I feel so slow)

iPad 4th gen 17 seconds. I think SkyTheCoder hot wired his iPad with gypsy magic. I thought the Air had just a new case and not better hardware but I guess I was wrong

@Goatboy76 the Air has much better hardware.

Lol @JakAttak - eat my dust! (Only just)

@Ignatz :((

I’m actually surprised, I thought the 3 had a bump up in processor from the 2

@JakAttak - a very small bump, obviously. But I think the retina display hurts the speed.

iPad Air the best result 7.52337. The highest is 7.59355

iPad 3 - 32.718594

@matox That kind of surprised me. I put the code in the draw() function and let it go for 25 runs and my time was consistently 7.77… to 7.79… . I guess compared to you and @SkyTheCoder, I have a slow iPad Air. I wonder what affects the times.

iPad Air , I get 8.05 seconds.

What’s wrong?

finally, got 7.71 seconds after reboot.

Just to compare,
I’ve tested the same code with VBA, and I get 4,511719 seconds in my core i3-2350M.

Silly me. I think I know why I’m slower on the Air. I’ve been on Codea 2.0 for so long that I forgot that some of you weren’t. I’m running 64 bit math routines compared to 32 bit in the previous version. @SkyTheCoder and @matox, try this again once you switch to 2.0 and see if your times increase a little.

32,6 seconds on ipad 2 with codea 2.0