IoT example

I am diving into learning how to develop an app; the app will allow a user to control an external device via wifi (on/off of various sensors and control systems), return and plot data, allow user to interact with data and output data files to a network file. Please point me to similar examples or tutorials that involve similar I/o.

Thanks for any help

@bioCode If you intend on doing this using Codea, using wifi and connecting with other devices is extremely difficult and near impossible.

@CamelCoder I was hoping to work through the UI i/o and data display/interaction with Codea - wanted a ‘freindly’ environment to cut my teeth on iOS app development basics - if this is not the tool, please suggest other.

@bioCode Codea is extremely great for UI and working with interactions and display, although, the wifi thing is a bit of a stretch. Can you please be more specific on what you want to do and I will give you a workaround

@CamelCoder Basically, a remote controler and data display app.
In app, the user will toggle instrument functions on/off (e.g. individual LEDs, servo, stepper motors) and provide simple text file name. The instrument will return data (undecided whether this is streaming data or complete file) and the data will be plotted in formats selected by the user (e.g. 2D dot plots or basic distributions). The user will be able to select portions of the data that create better defined groups of data - think partitioning individual modes from multimodal data.

I do not neccisarily need to accomplish all caomponents with Codea but, if components are build in Codea, can multiple code groups be combined in app publishing moving forward?

@bioCode You can make all the UI components in Codea and make the rest of the wireless connections in xCode on the Mac

@CamelCoder Good - are there example of similar efforts where multiple control screens and data display screens are present? Probably baked into that question is the simple question - does the Parameter side frame become a ‘page’ or only the Drawing frame? Maybe a tutorial on how Codea display converts to app views - is it WYSIWYG?

codea does not support wifi or bluetooth protocols to work with, but it has sockets implemented. This means you can write your own code to communicate over tcp or udp protocols. try google sockets io to find more information on this topic. With this you should be able to get data exchange working between your hatdware and software (codea app).

@CamelCoder - despite looking (a lot), I do not find an answer to the App view relative to the Codea view. Can the parameter view become a “view page” in an App? Or does it need to be in the ‘Draw’ frame?

@bioCode Basically how Codea works is that there is the setup() which gets called at the beginning and the draw() which is 60x per sec. The parameter and output is mainly for testing. You wouldn’t want to implement those into your program. What you have to do is create multiple classes which are subclasses of a Scene class. Then keep track of the currentScene and alter it every time you want to change the Scene. Look at the Cargo Bot example in Codea, it’s really helpful with Scene management and object-orientation