Integration with iOS 10 iMessage apps

Has anyone done or got any ideas around integrating an app written in Codea with the new iOS10 iMessage app framework?

I’ve seen a few games and interactive that integrate and allow in app generated content to be sent via iMessage - just wondering how feasible that would be with Codea?

All responses appreciated :smile:

@TechDojo I actually looked into it a little bit a while ago, I mean, of course it’s feasible, it will just have to be a lot of work, I’ll look into it a bit more tho, because I don’t know where I would start approaching it from

I imagine that any additional functionality to Codea (extending with iOS frameworks) results in a nightmare.

If I understand this correctly, you would have to write your app in Codea, then export it to Xcode and extend it there using Swift. At this point you could not code in realtime inside Codea anymore. You would rather have to use the Simulator or sign/compile/build + install your Xcode app on device, which costs some extra effort.

I consider it to be rather a hack than anything practical.

This is functionality I would like to find as well.

Somewhat interestingly, I have found that while running UI tests in XCode I can simulate touches on Codea apps, I was able to make one that played through the entirety of the small adventure games I made for my daughters.

Is there any example of Codea being able to send events or notifications to the enclosing iOS app, for any purpose? To use the camera Codea has to make direct iOS calls, so it can’t be impossible, right?