Integrated Dropbox Source Code Control

Since settings already offers the ability to keep assets in a linked Dropbox account, how hard would it be to add code control? I’d make it simple—create a Codea folder, then a folder for projects. Every time a project was edited, write off a copy. Code is small. Dropbox accounts are huge. Maybe add an option on the + menu between create new files and dependencies for turning this on for a project.

What I’d like to see in a future version of Codea is the iOS 8 share/open in pane for Codea projects. So you’d be able to open a project in Dropbox, or send it to a source control client like Working Copy. There is the problem that Codea projects are bundles of files, rather than a single file. The Dropbox API seems to expect a single file (the project could be zipped perhaps?) A few years back Codea/ Pythonista were all required by Apple to remove open in functionality, which must’ve been really annoying for the developers. So I can fully understand why they might not want to waste time developing something only for Apple to nix it.

@Mark in the meantime there are a couple of Codea app that back up your projects to Dropbox. There’s one that saves them as images that I used to use. Have you used any of those?

I wouldn’t call Dropbox source control though. i.e. you can’t browse back through previous versions of files, with the differences between them highlighted

There’s been some yeoman work in building source control, project sharing, etc. I’d just like to see something more integrated and automatic (not that some of those developed already aren’t dead simple).

I’m thinking that you could click “save to dropbox” on a project and you’d get a project folder in your codea folder and a series of files in that folder. Or perhaps a series of date-stamped folders within the project, then source code saved there.