Instanciate a class

First off, im not sure if “instanciate” a class is the right term(if you know what’s the term than a correction would be highly appreciated)

Okay, my questions is: In a shooting game, how would i “instanciate” a bullet class, in java ,which im a little more familiar, i used to use:
Bullet b1 = new Bullet(x,y)
That would create a new instance of that class and inherit all its methods, if in it’s constructor, it was meant to move, it would be created in the x,y coordinates and would start moving, creating a bullet effect.
What would be the most correct way of “making a copy of a class” in LUA?

MyBullet = Bullet(x,y)

And if you want to have more than one of them
Bullets ={}

Then during the draw function, call

For k,me in pairs(bullets) do

What I typically do depending on the number of instances of a class I am creating, I create 2 classes, the class I intend to make, and then a handler class for main class to deal with adding things, taking things out, assorted maintenance, drawing, and handling the touches of all instances.

Thanks guys