Inspiration, Please help!

Hello everyone! I am new to Lua, and I need some help. Could any of you please suggest a simple, fun game I could make that I could make updates on? I know how to improve, but I really need someone to help me make this dream come true as a coder. Ignatz, you are an awesome coder, I want to become a coder like you. Thanks for any help as it’s much appreciated.

Please anyone, any suggestions?


What do you mean by asteroids

Hold on, I have already created an APP, but I would like to create a GAME like asteroids. Any help on that?

I’m working on it

Thank you for the kind words, but there are much better programmers than me on this forum. I’ve just put a lot of hours into learning about this amazing app, and if I can do it, you can do it, with practice.

What I suggest you do is just start with something really simple, like a ball bouncing round the screen, then play around with it. Maybe you tilt the screen to stop the ball hitting certain places, or maybe you steer the ball with your finger, or …? Start small and just play around, don’t try to make Super Mario just yet…

Try looking at some of these little programs, too (and at some of the hundreds of other programs on the forum).

Thank you Ignatz, that will help! And your welcome!

Oh and Ignatz, could you please create me an example of a ball bouncing on a screen so I can study it? It will save me a lot of time. If you could it would be great!

Rats! or Babal

my ebooks have ball examples

If you’re new to Lua/Codea and you want something really easy to start you off, you could make a board game, maybe checkers or chess or something.

There’s a bunch of starter games with plenty of options to expand on the wiki

Thanks guys!