Infinite mapsize chunk loading and saving - voxels

With that voxel world example I would want to try and insert a infinite world size and use some of my world generating code. I would like to know what kind of save and load options are best with codea for this method. At the moment I would try to create some kind of ‘text’ data fields and save and load these on the fly.
I have not spend a lot of time analyzing the voxel examples, but is there already a possibility to add and remove chunks to the edges of these scene’s? Has anyone done something like that yet?

In another project, a 2d space game, I already was able to create a infinite map size using the tables. But in 3d I would feel safer to not let the memory get that much used.

About save and load in voxels, you can try this:

  • save and load terrain chunk
function setup()
    -- save the terrain in serveral chunks
    parameter.boolean("Save", false,function()
        if Save then

    -- Assume the saved chunk is Chunk39x50
    e1 = loadOrigonVolume(asset.documents.Chunk39x50,vec3(38,60,38))

-- load volume model or terrain's chunk 
function loadOrigonVolume(entity, volumeModel, pos) 
    local myE = scene:entity()
    myE.position = pos or vec3(0,0,0)
    local myV = myE:add(craft.volume, 1, 1, 1)       
    return myE

There are two problems with this approach:

  • It’s just not very stable?very easy to crash.
  • Loading requires one by one, with a lot of chunk files, which is quite inefficient.

The “enableStorage” is an experimental property.