Including a database in code

In my app I need acces to a simple database.
The database is just a textfile with a lot of lines (1000+)
For now read this file when the app starts and all the lines are put in to an array for later search.

Question is if it would be a good or a bad idea to make a file with all the lines, so the data recides in the app itself ?
If I use Excel It is not very difficult to make the lines on my text file like:

n=n+1 variable[n] = “datarow no 1”

n=n+1 variable[n] = “datarow no 2”

and so on

What does Codea say to files like that ?

Re Peter

@macflyerdk If you want to create a bunch of lines of data, an easier way would be to use table.insert. You could just keep duplicating lines of data in an editor, changing the text in each line. You can then copy the lines of data, paste them into an email and email them to the iPad. On the iPad, copy the lines and paste them into the code below. Depending on what you want, you can save the table as global or local data.

function setup()
    -- add code to save the table as global or local data


function build()
-- insert data here

table.insert(tab,"datarow no 1")
table.insert(tab,"datarow no 2")


Read a file from an external source like http or dropbox. Then stick the data into saveLocalData for reading later.