In Editor find & replace tool.

When code grows up in both algorithm and number of lines complexity, I think that a find&replace tool would be really useful!!!
If in need to look for a variable to rename or similar it should be a must have!

I vote for this new feature too! Will be very useful.

Yes, please!

This one doesn’t sound too hard. Does it matter if it just does a replace all, rather than a step-through the document for each word you want to replace?

A proper syntax-observing refactorer would be very cool. (ie. one that recognized variable names and replaced variable “gry” with “gravityy” without changing “angrybirds” with “angravityybirds”).

A simple global find/replace would be good enough for me. I’m not picky.

In either case, it would be REALLY NICE to have an undo. Just in case.

Of course a step-through will be my first choice. In this way we could use the tool in both serach&replace or just search mode.

But, as Bortels, I’m not picky. :wink:

Add one vote to the find & replace and refactoring sounds very pro :slight_smile:

+1 for find and replace. :slight_smile:

votes = votes + 1