In-App Purchases

Has anyone purchased the inapp purchases for codea. If so, I have a couple questions. Is the dark theme really helpful? Also, does the browser art show when you first launch the app or when your scrolling through your projects? Which one would you recommend to buy?

dark theme is worth to buy.

We’re thinking about making the dark theme free soon (IAP seems to cause some people a lot of angst) so I would suggest waiting until the next update.

ok thanks. Any time table as to when the next update is coming out or Codea Play?

Next update is just going into beta. If there are no issues I will send it to the store.

Codea Play’s main issue is getting the iPhone version ready. We need to find a way to come up with a nice selection of example games for iPhone (the iPad ones, brilliant as they are, just do not work on the small screen).

That’s true, it’s hard to make a good game which is also good looking the “universal” way, it is , with all the devices screens…
IAp is easy to implement…and now easy to hack…

@juaxix what do you mean? are you talking about that russian guy and the exploit?