importing sound files

Is it possible to import a preexisting sound file into Codea? I would quite like to do some voice acting for this game and on cursory searches of the forums & database it doesn’t look viable…

If not, could this be a future feature? It would be really neat!

Maybe I should give some background : we’re a tiny indie company in Montreal, Canada working on a game for a game jam, and we think Codea is really awesome and want to keep using it in the future! So this is something that interests us greatly.

You can only load sound files dynamically (or writing a 5000 line lua module) - and you ahve to manage the file parsing and sound sending to buffers yourself.

Look at this post: - it works well, I’ve used it. I also dynamically load my files from http or a local cache.

Thanks a lot aciolino! This help a bunch.